I have known Ed Trafidlo for several years and consider him to be a good friend.

I recently had an oportunity to utilize Ed's professional services as an Architect when I decided to add a new Master Bathroom to my home. Since a part of my law practice involves professional malpractice defense for Structural Engineers and Architects, I had knowledge of a wide range of Architects.

I chose Ed because he listened to what I wanted and delivered in terms of alternatives and parameters that I had set out. I had a good idea of what I wanted but Ed worked with me to create a better use of space for the Master Bathroom and nearly doubled my closet space. I was already under construction with structural repairs to my home when I decided on this project, so time was of the essence. Ed worked with me without hesitation on a rush basis to produce a set of drawings sufficient for building department approval.

Not only am I pleased with the final design but I have had many compliments on the finished bathroom and utilization of space. I recommend him highly for future work.

Ed Trafidlo, Jr. AIA
1427 N. Martel #7
Los Angeles, CA 90046